Extended Learning Time

February 17, 2021

Intern Insights: A Winter Internship with LEAP

By Emma Cundari [custom_frame_right][/custom_frame_right]On the bright morning of January 4th, I sat at the desk in the spare bedroom of my home in northern New Jersey. That morning, in that room, is where I kicked off the first day of my remote Career Services internship with LEAP for Education for my English & Creative Writing major. It started with the first of many video calls with my internship supervisor, Madison Seligman, LEAP’s Career & Outreach Coordinator. Over three weeks have passed since that moment and yet,
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September 8, 2013

Extended Learning Time

Any after-school provider who speaks out against Extended Learning Time (ELT) speaketh with forked tongue, indeed. Quality after-school programs prove over and over again that ELT is valuable. When reading articles on ELT, I am taken aback with comments that ELT have not been proven to impact academic outcomes. I infer from the articles that the data is inconclusive. I have not had the time to read the research that has been done but I believe that some of the issue may be that the value
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